Abendago works with you to ensure your website meets your expectations. Our staff is committed to working with you from concept to completion ensuring you are comfortable through-out the entire design and development process.

Step 1 - Communication 

Just as every good relationship starts, your project begins with communication. At the beginning of your project a project manager will meet with you to discuss your vision, expectations, and needs. Part of this process is the creation of a flowchart which clearly presents all of the pages which you require on your site. Once we have drafted a clear outline of your project we will work with our design team to produce a general look and feel for your site.

Step 2 - Website Design

Our design team will work with you to ensure we have produced a design which matches your visual desire as well as remains inside of your budget. Our programming team is highly involved in the design stage to ensure you are not promised any elements which would blow your budget.

After the general look and feel has been selected we will continue to produce a series of page designs for a selection of pages required for your site. These designs are known as "templates" and will be used as the foundation of your web presence.

Step 3 - Website Development

Now that we have a complete page flowchart and a series of templates, our development staff can begin the task of building your site. It is helpful to picture this process similar to building a house. First you meet with an architect to draft plans, and then a construction crew is assembled to produce a product in accordance to those plans.

Step 4 - Beta Preview / Tutorial

Once the site has been created and populated our staff will sit down with you for a tutorial of the Abendago TrewForm Content Management System. Our CMS makes it easy for you to make changes to your website content and page structure. Our tutorial is intended to equip you with the tools necessary to fully manage your website.

Step 5 - Completion and Go Live

After your tutorial and once we have resolved any last issues, your site goes live. Abendago continues to monitor websites for a few months after they are released to ensure that all systems are working as expected. You now have a website you can be proud of and will want to send all of your customers to.