Social Media Empowers Followers to Promote Your Business

Social Media and Viral Marketing is an effective way for businesses to promote their services and with iphones and other mobile devices becoming more and more popular, learning to connect a physical world to a digital experience is more and more important.

At Abendago we have the expertise to execute social media campaigns that leverage the latest technologies such as FourSquare, Gowalla, Twitter and QR Codes.

For the first time in history social media allows businesses to extend their traditional marketing experiences into an interactive presentation while leveraging the crowd to broadcast such interactions to the masses.

Social Media Campaigns

  • Check-in contests at local businesses to broadcast merchant information across social networks
  • Redemption and rewards for Tweeting to specific Twitter Groups or Hash Tags
  • QR Code integration into your print materials, business cards, or signage to accent your physical collateral with a digital experience
  • FaceBook group contests
  • Leverage EmmaActive photo tagging to create brand awareness, social buying, targeted click-thru's and increased search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Video campaigns assist in creating a presence on YouTube and encourage the masses to refer friends to crowd sourced promotions.
  • Use reward based programs to encourage visitation to your site and return readership or referals.

Using social media to promote your brand and increase your exposure across social networks is an important part of your online and offline marketing strategies.

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