With a bit of common sense, a few small enhancements and changes, your site will begin to place higher. Sometimes, though the Porsche is nice, what you really want is a really fine tuned BMW! 

The placement of your website inside the search results page of Google is important to the organic traffic that will visit your website. Placing near the top of Google can be a daugnting and expensive task. At Abendago we partner with our clients to make various recomendations and programming enhancments to give their site a foot up on the competition.

Common Terms

  1. SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  2. SEM - Search Engine Marketing
  3. PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising
  4. Page Rank - How Google Rates Your Site
FAQ Questions About Search Engine Marketing
  1. How Do I Get to The Top of Google Search Results
    This is great question but unfortunatly the answer is not that simple. When considering search engine placement you must consider for which terms you are attempting to get to the top for. Placing first on the Google results page may be easier for rare or specific terms, but placing for commonly used or generic terms may be more difficult. Search engine placement has many variables and therefore an SEO specialist is usually needed to ensure positive results.
  2. Do I Need To Continually Perform SEO Techniques
    Yes! Search engine marketing and optimization is an ongoing task and you will want to monitor your progress over a period of time. As you experience positive results you can adjust your SEO techniques. Remember that Google indexes roughly every 1-3 months and you will therefore need to make slight adjustments to ensure you stay where you are, or increase in placement. Also keep in mind that your competitors are also trying to get to the top! Therefore, be deligent at monitoring and adjusting as needed.
  3. What Are Simple Ways To Increase Search Engine Placement
    Here are some easy things you can right away:
    1. Update your site on a weekly basis. This is one of the benefits of having a content management system.
    2. Obtain links from your friend and coleague bloggers. The more in-bound links you have the higher your rating will be.
    3. Add a news listing to your site and update it frequently
    4. Make sure your content has your keywords through-out - but, don't over do it otherways Google may ding you!
    5. Make sure you're site loads fast. This means compressing and resizing images.
    6. Speaking of images, have you provided correct 'alt' tags? If not, Google has no idea what that image is. You should be able to do this through your content management system.

There are many more and more technical ways to improve your SEO. At Abendago we go beyond the above items and ensure you're site has been carefully developed to be friendly for Google and other search engines.

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