Free yourself from the burden of having no control of your #1 marketing tool - ask for the TrewForm Content Management System; Why Wait to Make the Change

Have you ever felt like you were held hostage by a service provider? Have you ever wished that you could update your website without having to wait on a companies tech staff? Do you require frequent, timely, affordable changes to be made to your site? If you're looking for the freedom to manage the most important part of your advertising initiative and regain the control of your site, the TrewForm CMS is just for you!

Our content management system ( CMS ) makes it extremely simple to perform the following functions:

  1. manage content found through-out your website
  2. add, delete and order navigation elements
  3. upload and link to pdf's and other resources
  4. insert and manipulate graphic placement on your site
  5. manage keywords information which helps your placement on Google
  6. view site visitation stats

If the base system does not have a feature required for your site, you can also add numerous add-on's:

  1. create and manage unlimited online surveys
  2. manage unlimited galleries
  3. embed video through-out your site
  4. shopping carts and ecommerce
  5. contact databases and forms
  6. blog functionality
  7. site search
  8. and more...

Why not try our CMS now. Contact us for a personal tutorial